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A paradigm-shifting toolkit for sequence analytics: a purpose-built DSL, rich flow visualizations, real-time queries, local data processing.
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Josh Wills
Across my career in data at Google, Cloudera, and Slack, event sequence analysis has consistently been the most powerful technique for finding real insights into problems in user behavior, customer journeys, and system observability. Motif's tooling will allow these techniques to be applied to a much broader class of problems than ever before, and I cannot wait to see what we will discover.
Jeff Heer
From web sessions, to sales conversions, to a team advancing on an opponent's goal—mission-critical events seldom occur in isolation. After years of struggling to shoehorn sequence analysis into existing tools, I'm thrilled to have a tool that lets me define, query, and visualize event sequences directly, helping me figure out not just what happened, but how and why.
Abhi Sivasailam
I was grinning all the way through my first Motif demo. Motif takes event analytics power users and turns them into superpowered users. This is advanced event data exploration at the speed of thought.
Hamel Husain
Motif is the first thing I've ever seen that makes querying and analysis of session and event data easy and delightful. This is an innovative technology that is going to change data science.
Elena Dyachkova
Trying to find the happiest paths or the main user friction points is a common analytics task, yet it is one of the tasks that is hardest to get right quickly. SQL is notoriously not great for extensive funnel analysis, pathing within point-and-click product analytics tools doesn't provide enough depth and customization. Motif solves both of these pain points providing a very flexible and smooth framework for user path analysis that can lead to actionable insights in minutes.
Erik Bernhardsson
I have been analyzing event sequences my entire career and there is an incredible amount of value that can be derived from these types of data sets. Until now, I have never seen a tool that has the potential to support these types of analyses. With Motif, I think that tool is finally here.
Dmitriy Ryaboy
If you are sitting on a bunch of app event stream data, you are going to want what they are building at Motif. I got a demo and it's a dream tool for interactive exploration of event sequences.
TJ Murphy
Working with event data is hard. If I only measure what people click, I'll end up with a shallow understanding of user behavior. But I want to know more than that. I want to understand how people flow through an experience, and what impact that has on my KPIs. For that, I need the freedom to navigate event sequences. Motif is the best tool I've ever used to do that.